If I had a heart, I could love you.

If I had a voice, I'd sing.

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art, as/s, bbc merlin, bradley james, colin morgan, creativity, draco malfoy, drawing, fanart, fanfiction, fantasy, geeks, gundam wing, harry potter, harry/draco, invader zim, japan, japanese culture, low brow art, make-up, mark ryden, merlin, merlin/arthur, music, mythology, painting, photography, pop surrealism, pretty boys, reading, scorpius malfoy, sketching, slash, suicide girls, takashi murakami, teddy lupin, velvet goldmine, yaoi
I like shiny things!!...

If I friended you it's because you are made of awesome, in some way, shape or form. Most likely it's because you write/ draw/ rec slash. And I do quite like slash!

I'm also very interested in art, and post most of what I do in this journal. One day I hope to make a living out of it. But first I need to grow a backbone and learn to take criticism... Heh.

Fandoms I'm into are mainly Merlin/RPS and Sherlock. Occasionally Star Trek, Inception and Harry Potter. Gundam Wing is what started it all.

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